Alabama Peach

This spring-summer breathes new life into brown shades with peachy copper accents for a multi-tonal effect.

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Step 1

Create four sections.

Step 2

Placing the foils on a diagonal, apply COLOUR A, creating highlights.

Step 3

Combine with COLOUR B, creating mid-lights.

Step 4

Combine with COLOUR C, creating lowlights for a contrasting effect.

Step 5

Leave to process for 30 minutes.
Wash with Decode Zero Essential shampoo. Towel dry.

Step 6

Apply COLOUR D to the mid-lengths and ends. Leave to process for 20 minutes.
Wash with Decode Zero Low Poo and, finally, apply Silaplex ond Restorer 2 and leave for 10 minutes


Step 1

Dry cut so you can see the true length and shape of the cut.

Step 2

Straight cut the hair without thinning it out, right where the curve of the ‘C’ begins so that the ends remain full.

Step 3

Trim the ends, creating a long fringe cut at different lengths, and work on the layers to balance the cut and adapt it to the shape of the curl.

Step 4

By dry cutting you can see the exact volume of the hair and thus determine where you need to cut for a fully-personalised haircut.

Discover the step by step of Alabama Peach

Discover the step by step of Alabama Peach

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