Decode Zero

The new generation of highly effective vegan invisible-hold products to create all-natural looks.

Smart Touch

The simplest, most effective and smartest solutions for hair. Practical all-in-one products with instant results.

Decode Texture

Texture and finish. Infinite finishes. Textures that surprise and inspire.

Gold Oil

A real gem for any hair care routine. A range of products created from natural Amber, Argan and Tsubaki Oil extracts which enhances the beauty of hair and instantly provides it with exceptional, long-lasting care.

Treat Naturtech Sun Care

Extreme protection and care under the sun. Benefits: High level of protection against solar radiation. Extreme care for hair colour and the hair shaft. Neutralises the smell of chlorine. Moisturises hair. Antioxidant action. Well-conditioned, treated and protected hair.

Treat Naturtech Beauty Bains

Colour and beauty without limits for your hair. A new technology that combines encapsulated antioxidant metabolites obtained from olives with a selection of state-of-the-art conditioning and protective filmogens that act as a strong shield against UVA-UVB radiation.

Treat Naturtech Hair Loss Crono

An energy booster that stimulates the scalp and fights hereditary hair loss. Benefits: Protects and stimulates the stem cells of hair follicles. Prolongs the hair growth cycle, increasing hair’s lifespan. Promotes hair growth.

Treat Naturtech Hair Loss Cryo

Energy booster that stimulates the scalp and promotes hair growth. Benefits: Reduces hair loss by improving the anchoring of hair to the scalp. Cooling action to stimulate the scalp and boost the supply of nutrients. Regulates sebum secretion, moisturises and restructures the hair shaft.

Treat Naturtech Sensi

Relieves and soothes sensitive scalps and restores a healthy protective barrier. Benefits: Moisturises and soothes, bringing comfort. Protects the scalp against external aggressions. Desensitises skin and neutralises unwanted symptoms. Restores the scalp to its normal state.

Treat Naturtech Balance

A balancing treatment that detoxifies and maintains the balance you need. Benefits: Purifies and balances the scalp. Removes excess oil. Regulates sebum production.

Treat Naturtech Pure Scalp

Transforms and reveals the scalp’s natural vitality. Benefits: Gets rid of dandruff and prevents it. Soothes itchiness and irritation. Gives healthy hair and scalp.

Treat Naturtech Densi

An exclusive volumising system that reveals strength and density. Benefits: Redensifies, strengthens and moisturises the hair shaft. Gives hair more body, volume and shine. Does not weigh down fine and straight hair. Heat protection.

Treat Naturtech Discipline

Definition for soft, stunning hair. Benefits: Keeps frizz and the effect of humidity on hair under control. Moisturises hair and makes it more manageable. Offers heat protection. Nourishment and softness. More defined and elastic hair with more body. Controlled movement.

Treat Naturtech Keratin

High-performance hair that strengthens the hair shaft’s resistance. Benefits: Reinforces damaged, weak and brittle hair. Offers heat protection. Restores keratin to the hair shaft. Improves hair’s mechanical resistance. Prevents breakage and the appearance of split ends.

Treat Naturtech Color

Sublime colour protection for amazing radiance and shine. Benefits: Protects and prolongs colour. Protects against radiation (UVA-UVB) and heat damage. Gives shinier, more elastic and silkier hair. Revives, evens out and intensifies colours. More luminous and long-lasting colours. Perfect for hair colour aftercare.

Treat Naturtech Repair

Restorative care that enhances hair’s natural beauty. Benefits: intensely nourishes and repairs hair. It restores the intracellular cement and repairs the hydrolipidic film of the hair shaft. Anti-static effect. Brings back the softness, shine and freshness of hair. More elastic and dynamic hair. Heat protection.

Colour Resurrection

Revives colour or reveals a new colour with a natural gloss effect from the first use.

Colour Correction

Puts a stop to unwanted highlights and undertones. For now on, get perfect colour with COLOUR CORRECTION.

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