Final Style

Salon-quality mousses and coloured mousses. Texture, shine and plenty of colour.

Final Fine Ultimate

Salon-quality hairsprays. Long-lasting, glossy and residue-free hold.

Decode Texture

Texture and finish. Infinite finishes. Textures that surprise and inspire.

Decode Texture Men

Texture and finish. Controlled or extreme effects. Creativity and style in perfect harmony.

Decode Volume

Hair with volume. Volume and density that withstand the elements. Instant texture and body that last for gravity-defying hair.

Decode Finish

Hold and finish. Long-lasting style. Hold that knows no bounds. Instant drying. Easy to remove. Mirror shine. Hair under control all day.

Decode Zero

The new generation of highly effective vegan invisible-hold products to create all-natural looks.

Decode Smooth

Straight hair. Perfectly straight hair for longer. Hydration, protection and control over hair in just one go.

Decode Curl

Curly hair. Defined, loose or natural curls – it’s your call. Maximum softness, nourishment and flexibility for youthful and casual looks.

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